17. Indian Herbal Shampoo

Indian Herbal Shampoo

Okay, ladies, I have one more 100% natural homemade shampoo to share before I let you go through these recipes one more time to decide which to use.

You might want to take notes of this one here and now because I found it browsing through an Indian blog and judging from the photo of the woman who uses this recipe on regular basis I can only say this – SOOOO worth a shot!


Shikakai (500 grams)

Fenugreek (250 grams)

Mung Beans/Greem Gram (250 grams)

Curry Leaves (One package/bunch)

Basil/Tulsi Leaves (One package/bunch)

Soap Beans (100grams)


Spread all of your ingredients onto a piece of cloth or paper and sun-dry two days or 12 hours total.

In case some of your ingredients are already bought dried even better, dry fresh ones until they’re nice and crispy then grind them all into a fine powder which you can store in a jar for quite a few months taking small amounts to mix with water for each shampoo.