7 Home-Made Hair Treatments ...


Home-Made Hair Treatments are a great way to help improve your hair without the high cost of a salon. There are many products you already have that work great as home-made hair treatments. So, try out any of these 7 home-made hair treatments on your hair today.

1. Baking Soda

If you feel your hair is getting a lot of build up from your hair products, try mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with a little bit of water to make a paste.

Massage into your damp hair and allow the paste to sit for at least 15 minutes before you rinse it out.

Follow up with shampoo and conditioner.

2. Avocado

Avocado works great as a home-made hair treatment to tame frizzy hair.

The oils and proteins of an avocado add moisture to hair and help control fly-aways.

Massage a half of a mashed up avocado into damp, clean hair.

Let the mixture sit on the hair for 15 minutes.

For best results use this avocado mixture on your hair every two weeks.

3. Cornmeal and Cornstarch

If oily hair is what's been giving you troubles lately you can fight back using some cornmeal or cornstarch.

Sprinkle no more than a tablespoon of either ingredient, not both, onto your dry hair and scalp.

Rub it gently in your scalp to really soak up the oil.

After 10 minutes, use a big paddle hairbrush to brush out all the remaining cornmeal or cornstarch out of your hair.

4. Egg Mask

Raw egg works wonders as a home-made hair treatment.

Ladies with normal hair can use the entire egg to treat their hair.

However, girls with oily hair should use the egg whites only, and girls with dry hair should use just the egg yolk.

This is because the egg yolk is naturally moisturizing while the egg white helps remove unwanted oil.

Massage whatever part of the egg is best for your hair type all over the scalp and hair.

Let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing out with cool water.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
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