How to save Money at the Hair Salon ...


Would you like to visit the hair salon more often but your budget doesn’t allow it?

It can be a real fillip for your hair – and yourself – to have a good cut, a new style, a color change or a fancy blowout.

With these tips to save money at the hair salon you’ll be able to enjoy this treat more often.

1. Refuse the Deep Condition

One way to save money at the hair salon is to politely decline the offer of a deep condition from the stylist.

It might sound fancy and important, but quite frankly you can do the very same thing at home by applying some coconut oil and leaving it in for 30 minutes.

This homemade deep condition is much more cost effective and gives equally great results.

2. Ask about Blowout Charge

In some salons, stylists will charge you for a blowout to finish your look off without actually telling you beforehand.

This just isn’t cool and can add a cost that sends you over your budget, so make sure to ask beforehand exactly what you are paying for.

If you don’t want to pay the extra you can decline the blowout at the end instead of getting surprised with a bigger bill.

3. Check out a Cosmetology School

If you aren’t fussy about having a stylist with years of professional experience, then it’s always a great idea to hit up the local cosmetology school and enlist the services of a beauty school trainee.

They often have open nights where they can showcase their training and you can potentially grab a brilliant haircut for as little as $20.

It’s a complete steal and you are very unlikely to have a hair disaster with the intensive training that goes on these days.

And they will go all out to correct any mistake!

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