7 No-Nonsense Hair Rules for Women ...


Hair rules for women interested in keeping their hair healthy and perfectly groomed aren’t the easiest ones to follow!

But hey, that’s discipline and commitment for you – not always the easy road, true, but definitely worth taking!

But let’s take a look at some of the most important must know hair rules and benefits to expect from following them!

Well, here they are...

1. No Shape is a No Go

Having long hair you rarely trim and have never had professionally cut and styled to your face shape pretty much ruins the entire deal, making what’s about to follow one of the basic hair rules for women with long hair!

You see, it’s not about just having hair, it’s about it looking good as well… about making it look good on you!

And, as flattering as it sounds in theory, long hair can look quite drab too!

The look might have been a cool one back when you were eleven and your mom used to be the only stylist you knew, but as you grow up your face changes too, the need to have your hairstyle matched to it arises and the issue of root VS end volume really needs to be addressed!

Maintenance above All
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