7 Radical Trendy Hair Style Changes to Consider in 2012 ...


Trendy hair style 2012 doesn’t need to be radical to cause some serious attention yet it just as may well be!

And if I’m ought to judge by the Hollywood’s most discussed ladies of the year, trying to outdo yourself seems to be a very popular sport nowadays!

So popular even 2012 hair trends are leaning towards “unexpected” or even “unusual” almost as if both celebrities and hairstylists are trying to get us to “grow a pair” and finally go for that radical hairstyle change.

Are you in the mood for change?

Well, take a look at these 7 trendiest hairstyles in 2012:

1. Go Ombre

Go Ombre

One of the trendiest hairstyles in 2012, ombre has sure managed to gain quite a few celebrity followers inspiring even actresses that aren’t known for their crazy hairstyle changes such as Salma Hayek to take a plunge!2

Now, if that doesn’t say a lot about this uber trendy hair style 2012, I don’t know what to add!

Give it a shot if you’re in for a hair color change that doesn’t come with a massive amount of hair damage or even in case you’re looking for a way to finally leave the blonde community without having to sacrifice a whole lot of length.2

2. Say “Yes” to Radical Hair Color Changes

Say “Yes” to Radical Hair Color Changes

But hey, ombre isn’t the only one of those fantastic, totally radical 2012 hair trends to go for!

In fact, you can even chose to start a whole new chapter by opting for a drastic hair color change or go back a full circle by finally going back to your natural color after years and years of hiding it.

Take it from Kylie who has managed to score a whole lot of style points (and visually lose quite a few years) by returning to her old blonde bombshell look or Emma Stone whose decision to become a blonde has earned her global high-fives.

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