8. Poof

Whether you call it a pouf, poof, bump or a quiff, there's no denying that the best candidates for this hairstyle are those with beautiful, long hair.

So how does one achieve the perfect poof?

Start off by separating a section on your crown or the part that you would like to make the poof.

Use a clear rubber band to secure it about 1/3 the length through.

The size of the poof is dependent on where you secure the rubber band.2

So if you want a bigger poof then secure it farther away from your forehead, and likewise, if you want a smaller poof secure it closer to your forehead.

Now take your hair from where the rubber band is and place it down.Secure it with a bobby pin.

The best part...no teasing!

You can choose to leave it as is, or braid the rest of your hair or go with a side ponytail.

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