7 Reasons I Envy Curly Hair ...

As I believe I've mentioned before, the Better Half has amazing, gorgeous, adorable naturally curly hair – and hates it. I have stick straight hair. I don't hate it, but I love curly hair, so much. I confess to the fact that I used to get spiral perms just to have a little of the curl for my own – and sometimes still think about doing it, because I'm horrible with hot curlers and curling irons. I know the grass is always greener, but still, these are the 7 main reasons I envy curly hair.

1. So Pretty

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Seriously, this is one of my reasons. Curls are so pretty! I don't care if they're long and loose, if they naturally fall into ringlets, or if they're tight and springy, they're all gorgeous! Every curl and flip and tousle and texture is beautiful, and I have total hair envy over every single one of them. When I see a girl with particular pretty curls, I always want to boing them to see them bounce. I want to snatch them away, and then feel sort of like Gollum, hissing “My preciousss! We wants it, we NEEDS it, must have the preciousss!”

2. More Choices

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It may just be me, but I've always felt like curly hair has more choices in general. Back in the perm days, my hair never looked bad, even if I just threaded it through a scrunchie or something. The cowlicks are cuter and even if you just wear your hair tossed any old way, it's still phenomenal. Precious!

3. The Ponytail Factor

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I love curly ponytails. I also have ponytail envy. See, when my hair was long enough to put up, I always had shorter pieces in the back falling down, and nothing would make them stay in my elastic. It looked stupid and messy. But with curly hair, those pieces would be transported into curly little tendrils, creating a soft, pretty look, so I would end up actually pulling hairs out of my ponytail myself!

4. Tons of Body

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The BH has so. Much. Body. It is ridiculous. And it just comes naturally. I typically have to work really hard at it, or else my hair will just lay there like it's lazy and doesn't feel like doing anything. My hair is apathetic.

5. Easy to Style

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You can do the simplest things with curly hair and it looks great. Plus, if you want to go straight with it, you just either blow it out or use a flat iron. Arguably, yes, I could just go curly myself – but honestly, I am really bad with curlers and irons. I always end up with the front of my hair looking great and the back just kind of hanging there.

6. Beautiful Buns

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This in line with ponytails, but different because I love buns. You know messy buns? When I try to do that (when my hair is long enough), I've got unattractive pieces sticking straight up in the air – and, again, all those fallen tendrils. Paradoxically, without those fallen strands, buns look too harsh. However, again, with curly hair, those tendrils are gorgeous and a messy bun is easy. With all those little pieces of hair curling in wisps around your face, it's just lovely.

7. Hair Accessory Heaven

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I have a hard time with certain hair accessories when my hair is straight because, again, pieces just end up sticking up going every which way. Curly hair is an asset in that regard, because if you're using bobby pins or barrettes, or anything like that, your curls actually help hold the pieces in places. They tend to just slide right out of my hair.

I do know the grass is always greener, even in matters of hair. I really am happy with mine a majority of the time … but every so often I dream of perms again. Curly or straight, do you ever have hair envy too?

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