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A History of Women and Shaving ...

By Janelle

Do you want a history of women and shaving? For years back in the day, women did not have razors to shave. Not legs, underarms, nothing.You had to cover up, and that was that. Some women would sneak their dad's or kid brother's razor, even their own husband's!

Women began to shave. Silky legs became sexy legs.Now women were shaving. The first woman's razor came out in 1915. Shaving's popularity went up and down through the years. Meaning they choose not to shave or shave in their era. It developed into different decades of triumph's,

of women's sense of attitude.This is mostly because of men with porn.Or some women would like to be natural.

Yet war is a major factor in the development process of how it affected women in psychological forms.

In the 21st century, some women are shaving their faces. Women shaving their faces does not mean women are men.It means women are equal to men. Shaving has become a modern thing for a woman. Women are shaving, waxing, plucking eyebrows, arms. And today, we have so many products to shave with. Women stand for the womb, and the last part is men. Wo-womb, -men, Wo-men. So doing the same things as men do, women are equal to also. Men who wear make-up are equal too. We all are!

So women had to cover up in the old ages. They also had to sneak the razors of male figures in their lives, just to shave.Then in the nineteenth century, the Gillette Company created the first woman razor. And women are equal to men, and men are equal to women!

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