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Best Hair Colors for Fall 2016 for Girls Who Want to Mix Things up ...

By Jennifer

Bored with your summer blonde? Tired of your highlights? It's time for a change, and with fall on the way, why not try on of these ultra-hot on-trend hair colors?

1 Rose Gold

hair, blond, hairstyle, woman, long hair,It's pink... no wait! It's golden blond! No's both! This warm hue still rules, and I'm dying to try it!

2 Ash Brunette

hair, blond, color, hairstyle, brown,This cool-toned brunette is also fun for fall, a step away from the caramel-warm brunette from seasons past.

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3 Cool Blond

hair, blond, hairstyle, woman, long hair,Blond hair will always be in (blonds do have more fun, after all), but this fall, the cool blond is the color to try.

4 Your Own Roots

hair, hairstyle, afro, black hair, jheri curl,Why not extend your roots and rock them, rather than covering them? Think of it as an extreme but less spendy ombre, right?

5 Hand-Painted Highlights

clothing, hair, hairstyle, brown, bangs,Call it "balayage" or just "painting," the practice of hand-applying highlights with a little brush is still gorgeous and still very popular.

6 Bold Blue

hair, person, blue, photograph, model,This season, no more pastel blue or pale blue or subtle blue -- the bolder or darker the blue, the better.

7 Copper

hair, color, blond, hairstyle, long hair,Take a hue cue from the copper-y leaves and your lucky penny and try a bright copper color this fall! You can do it all over or just add a few highlights or a toner to a brunette or blond 'do.

Which of these hair hues will you try? Or will you rock another color this fall?

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