7 Best Hair Trends of 2013 ...

We all need the 7 best hair trends of 2013 in our lives to step into the New Year as a new you. It may seem daunting to follow runway hairstyles, but valuable inspiration can be taken and most of them are really simple and cheap to achieve. Don’t let hair just be limp and dull, make it fun and super sexy! So, which will be your favourite best hair trend of 2013?

1. Simple but Classic

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When I was younger ponytails were the hairstyle that I dreaded, however, this winter I have surprisingly been wearing it rather a lot. There are many ways that you get either dress it up for going out or just for lunch with the girls. One of my favourites is to have a high and slightly messy ponytail with statement earrings; it gives off the impression that you haven’t put much effort in yet you still look amazing, which is what makes it my favorite of the best hair trends for 2013.

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