3. ION

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Price: $5.99


I did not choose a specific line from the ION semi-permanent colors because I recommend all of them. The brights, neons, jewel tones, and pastels are all great! This brand is in the lower price range, so if you are wanting a "crazy" color on a budget, then Ion may just be for you. As someone who has very thick hair, I usually gravitate to this brand because of the cheaper price because I need a lot of product to fully saturate my hair.

Like all the other brands, there are pros and cons depending on what you are looking for in a hair color.

This brand’s formula is very thick so you will need to dilute it with white conditioner so it will be easier to apply to your hair. Be careful though, because if you add too much conditioner, you will dilute the color and you will get different results than you planned. This brand hits and misses with staying power. Some shades are almost permanent, whereas other colors can fade out within a week or two. If you are okay with the inconsistency, then give this brand a try!

Arctic Fox
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