2. Keep Curls Nice and Bouncy

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"I have curly hair and don't want my curls to look flat around the top of my head, so this is how I style my own hair: First, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to prevent curls from getting weighed down, and do a final rinse at the end of your shower with your head flipped upside down, which helps encourage volume at the roots.

When you get out, flip your head upside down again as you wrap a towel around your hair. Wait five minutes, remove the towel, then flip your head over one more time and work a drop of lightweight glossing cream throughout hair to prevent frizz and define coils. From there, you can air-dry or blow-dry with a diffuser, and your curls will be lush and springy."β€”Orlando Pita, creator of Orlando Pita Play haircare

(Orlando Pita Play The Gloss Up Weightless Polishing Cream, $26; ulta.com)

For Better Volume, Turn down the Dryer Heat
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