7. French Braid Bun

French Braid Bun

Start by making a loose french braid down the back of your head, but instead of braiding all the way down to the ends, stop at the nape of your neck and create a chignon. Actually, if you like, you can go ahead and braid all the way down and create a braided bun like the previous style!

The style possibilities with buns are pretty endless, and you can really create a variation of any one of these buns to make your own unique 'do. The "messy" look has really evolved over the years, which we think is a blessing since sometimes messy is about all that can be mustered in the mornings. Whether you like your buns to be disheveled or classic, we'd love to hear what some of your favorite styles are. Would you try one of these bun 'dos?

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