4. Twist around Side Braid

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Iโ€™m in love with this! It isnโ€™t actually an updo, but it does keep your hair out of your face and it takes less than five minutes. It actually isnโ€™t a braid, but more of a creative ponytail. It wonโ€™t only have people asking you what you did, but asking you how to do it!

To create this, pull your hair in a side ponytail, and then divide the ponytail into two โ€œtails,โ€ and pull them through the opening space right before the ponytail starts, into an โ€œupside downโ€ ponytail. Then, just keep repeating this, creating multiple upside ponytails throughout the whole entire head of hair. It creates this twisted braid effect that is so easy to do! You'll need several elastic bands for this one as well!

Low Chignon
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