7 Gorgeously Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles in 2011 You Should Try ...

Celebrity Hairstyles for 2011 are by turns edgy, adorable, and glamorous, but they're always trendy! Want to change up your look? Need a little celebrity inspiration? Want to try one of the gorgeous celebrity hairstyles for 2011 but don't know which one to choose? No worries! I’ve put together a list of 7 celebrity hairstyles for 2011 you should try this week. If these styles are good enough for these Hollywood vixens, they are sure to make you and I look fabulous too.

1. Carey Mulligan

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Carey Mulligan is an absolute doll with this celebrity hairstyle for 2011. I love how sassy she looks with this pixie cut. I know this may not work for everyone, and for most of us it would be a dramatic cut to make. This type of cut is best for women with straight hair and a slender oval shaped face.

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