2. Front Part Braids

Front Part Braids

And in case the first helmet-friendly style sounds awesome, you really ought to try this one, too! The steps are very similar and it’s quite of a hassle-free one, as well so alternate and have fun!

Part your hair at the middle than channel your inner Khaleesi by braiding your bangs in two plaits (one on each side of your part), then ten pull them back and secure on the back of your using a tiny no slip elastic band. Apply a bit of a leave in conditioner to the rest of your length, braid tightly and fold into a bun as flatly as possible. Slip your helmet on, enjoy the ride and don’t be afraid to undo the bun and the plait – the result will be gorgeous waves that, in addition to two small braids decorating the top of your head, look very trendy and super hot!

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