7. Katniss Slanted Braid

Not sure how much of a Hunger Games fan you are but I believe Katniss Everdeen’s braided look hasn’t managed to escape your attention! After all, you must admit hairstyles for riding a bike really ought to look as good! It will either fit perfectly under a helmet or fall just below it, all depending on how high or low you decide to place it, allowing you to style your long hair in a way that’s cool and feminine yet perfect for summer as well!

Are there any particularly good hairstyles for riding a bike you’d like to share? I’ve recently came across an article advising various clips – have you tried that? I would if I weren’t too afraid of them being so uncomfortable. But hey, sure there’s a great helmet-friendly style you can hook me up with! Shoot! I’m all ears.

Top Image Source: bloggers.com