7 Hair Care Tips for Winter ...


Winter can be such a beautiful season, but it also requires most of us to learn some special hair care tips for winter. The winter season brings cold, snow and to a lucky few, a break from work or school! However, don’t get caught up in all the positives winter brings. For winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair! To help keep this from happening, here are 7 hair care tips for winter to keep your hair looking as gorgeous as always!

1. Use Shampoo Sparingly

Cold winter winds cause drying of not only your skin, but also your hair and scalp! That's why it's really important to learn these hair care tips for winter! Avoid shampooing your hair too much, not more than twice a week, as it also causes hair dryness. Also, never use very hot water for washing your hair in winter, as it leaves your hair tattered and frizzy. Use lukewarm water to retain the moisture of your hair instead!

Conditioner is a Must
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