8 Hair Trends for the Fall 2011 ...


8 Hair Trends for the Fall 2011 ...
8 Hair Trends for the Fall 2011 ...

Hair Trends For Fall are unexpected, different and oh-so-cool which is why I simply had to do a post on them! So, are you ready to fight the frizz? Have you taken your hairdryers, curling irons and brushes out of the closet where they’ve spend most of their summer? Are you ready to work hard on perfecting all those complicated styles that are almost always being announced as hair trends for fall? Well, I suggest you ditch the heavy machinery because hair trend for fall 2011 require a comb and a hair gel and sometimes, even that is too much ! Check them out!

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Messy Braid

Messy Braid Loose, messy and kind of boho – a braid was a perfect way to get the hair out of our faces during the summer! Now, as you probably know, summer updos rarely get a chance to be announced as hair trends for fall as well so it would be safe to say this one is an exception. Lanvin and Pucci went “loco” for this braid and decided to show it on their Fall/Winter fashion shows and demonstrate exactly how bradilicious they want the upcoming cold season to be! Fun, huh? We’ve already mastered it during the summer so we might as well show it off some more! Don’t you think so?


Hair Parted on the Center

Hair Parted on the Center Wavy, curly or silky smooth – your hair must be parted on the center this season! This hairstyle dominated at Chloe and Alexander Wang runways and is promising to turn into a huge hit. Many celebrities have already embraced it and, according to beauty experts we should too as it not only looks good but makes the face more symmetrical and slim. Not bad for a simple hair parting, I’d say!



Ponytail High, low, messy or polished – ponytail is the most stylish way to deal with the bad hair days this fall! People at Prada believe you should wear it low, make it messy and pin it down to make things interesting while peeps at Ralph Lauren chose an elegant, sleek low pony tail and added a stylish center parting I’ve discussed above. Why not try it both? Regardless of how simple it is, pony tail is one of the hottest hair trends for fall so you should definitely get creative and figure out new ways to wear it!


Bouncy Curls/Waves

Bouncy Curls/Waves Natural soft and playful waves have not only won the hearts of Oscar De La Renta and Marc Jacobs but a few celebrities as well. They are in fact so trendy and sexy, that even Jennifer Lopez ditched her totally perfect hairstyle for head full of wild, bouncy waves! Well, I don’t know what you think but I bet this hairstyle had made that hottie, William Levy, wish he could continue to roll in the sand with Jenny long after the cameras stop filming!


Messy Buns

Messy Buns The epitome of style and glamour, house of Chanel recommends low messy buns so in case you get tired of your ponytail or need to switch from day to evening look in under 5 minutes (seriously!) all you need to do is part your hair on the side, let your bangs fall freely, make a low pony tail, tease it, roll it up and pin it! Voila! And they say hair trends for fall are usually complicated! Hah!


Fresh out of Bed

Fresh out of Bed Now, if you caught yourself reading celebrity gossips and thinking “Gosh, I have better chances of being crowned a queen than Ke$ha actually looking trendy!” think again because her trademarked “Comb?? Is that even a real word?” look is hot, hot, hot! In fact, every hairstyle you choose to wear this season can be worn either completely messy or completely sleek! So, ditch the comb for a while (unless your company had a very strict dress code, of course) and enjoy looking like a hot mess!



Frizz I’m not joking, ladies, and neither do people at Gucci! Hair trends for fall are all about embracing our known enemy known as frizz and allowing it to even help us look stylish. So, instead of spending money on a lot of expensive anti-frizz hair products, get one glossy hair gel, use to form a sleek low pony tail and then let the nature do her thing. Your hair doesn’t frizz? No problem! Crimp your ponytail and voila!



Accessorize! Hope you didn’t throw away all of your headbands, hairpieces and crystal-embellished hairpins because the last and, for some, the most interesting of all hair trends for fall suggests you should both keep them and use them. Crustal embellished headbands or chic feathery hairpieces will help you transform the good old ponytail into a trendy party hairstyle and since the whole process doesn’t require more than 5 minutes, you’ll finally have more time do decide what to wear.

Aren’t this new hair trends for fall just awesome!? I bet you didn’t expect anything like this – Right? Well, I must say (and I hope you’ll agree with me) that I’m glad hair trends for fall have changed and became so easy to do and budget-friendly!

Top Photo Credit: Rafael Cavalcante

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I'm having a haircut next Monday but im really not sure what haircut to go for. I want a side fringe. My face is a bit long a oval. Any ideas???

I have a perfect hairstyle I wore and discovered today: Braid your hair. put a band or elastic put it up then put a band or elastic. highlight it!

thanks for the awesome tips!

thanks for the awesome tips! kim


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