7 Hairstyles That Make Long Hair Look Short ...

As a girl with long hair, I sometimes try out hairstyles that make long hair look short. I don't want to cut it, but I like to add some variety to the usual ponytail or headband. Of course, it's also a good way to see if you really want short hair before taking the plunge. Most of these hairstyles that make long hair look short are easy to do and look great for both day and night. Give a few a try and you'll discover just how versatile long hair really is.

1. Embrace Curls

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One of the easiest hairstyles that make long hair look short is curls. The key is to embrace big, tight curls that instantly take inches off your hair. I use volumizing curl sprays and mousse to add body to the hair before curling. It helps the curls stay in place all day. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you'll need around 15-30 minutes for this one. For me, it look like I cut six inches off my hair just by curling.

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