4. CHI Silk Infusion Reconstructing Complex

CHI Silk Infusion Reconstructing Complex

Price: $17.39 at amazon.com

Speaking about awesome products for relaxed hair โ€“ have you tried CHI Silk Infusion? Ladies on forums and various websites all agree that itโ€™s pretty close to being a Heavenโ€™s gift for tresses in need of some deep nourishing!

And the best news is this โ€“ if you use it sparingly, it wonโ€™t weight your hair down or give it that unsightly oily sheen but softens and natural healthy luster instead! The product also provides protection against heat which Iโ€™m sure is great news for all of you ladies who like to style your hair a lot and need something that doesnโ€™t only nurture chemically treated hair but protects it as well while leaving none of that messy build up!

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