25 Long Hair Goals for 2016 ...

By Jennifer

Long hair, don't care... actually, REALLY DO CARE! If you need a little inspo to help keep the scissors away while you're working on your #hairgoals, I can help. At least one of these photos will inspire you to let it grow... let it grow... Ha! Sorry...

1 This Beautiful Boho Braid

This Beautiful Boho Braid

2 This Brilliant Galaxy Hair

This Brilliant Galaxy Hair

3 Her Perfect Purple Hair

Her Perfect Purple Hair

4 Her Long Locs

Her Long Locs Love the shaved sides!

5 Her Soft Curls

Her Soft Curls

6 Her Beachy Blonde

Her Beachy Blonde

7 Her Cotton Candy Hair

Her Cotton Candy Hair

8 Her Pretty Platinum

Her Pretty Platinum

9 Her Messy Beach Braid

Her Messy Beach Braid

10 Killin' It, for Sure!

Killin' It, for Sure!

11 Her Beautiful Babylights

Her Beautiful Babylights

12 Her... Everything

Her... Everything

13 Her Natural Hair

Her Natural Hair

14 These Three Besties

These Three Besties

15 Anima's Hair & Hat

Anima's Hair & Hat

16 Her Loose Waves & Cool Color

Her Loose Waves & Cool Color

17 Her Raven Tresses

Her Raven Tresses

18 Her Gorgeous Braid

Her Gorgeous Braid

19 Her Style, Cut and Color

Her Style, Cut and Color

20 Her Sleek Blonde

Her Sleek Blonde

21 Her Hair Tattoo

Her Hair Tattoo

22 Her Ravishing Red

Her Ravishing Red

23 Her Side Part

Her Side Part

24 Her Honey Blonde Color

Her Honey Blonde Color

25 Her Highlights

Her Highlights

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