10 Lovely Hairstyles for Windy Days That Are Pretty and Practical ...

I hate when the weather isn’t just beautiful and perfect, but I'm always well equipped with my favorite hairstyles for windy days that’ll keep it in place and gorgeous. The goal is to keep it simple and manageable. No one wants their lovely hairstyle to get ruined by a million flyaways! So, take a look through these hairstyles for windy days that’ll make things much easier for the unpredictable weather.

1. Poof Ponytail

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You could never go wrong with a ponytail as one of the standard hairstyles for windy days. It’s simple and easy to do. But, why not spice it up and add a poof at the top of the head? Tease the poof until you get the desired look and pin it down with bobby pins. Then, gather the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. Simple and sturdy are always a good way to go for windy weather!

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