4. Because There is No Such Thing as “Bad” or “Good” Hair

Because There is No Such Thing as “Bad” or “Good” Hair

I mean, come on! Good hair? Bad hair? Now, I’d seriously like to have a word with whoever came up with this utterly silly standard! Why is straight hair any better than curly or wavy hair? That’s just crazy! I personally LOVE all types of natural afro hair and, if it was me making that decision, I’d never change it.

But hey, I’m not the one making decisions and neither are your neighbors, friends or relatives – it’s up to you, you and you only so take my advice and don’t do something just because somebody else thinks you should. Style your hair the way YOU want it and don’t be afraid to change it when YOU see fit because in the end of the day it’s YOUR hair! And guess what – I know a lot of girls would kill to have your hair and if anyone tells you that your hair needs fixing reply that it’s that person’s brain that needs fixing!

Because You’ll Feel More Free
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