Nix the Hairdryer: 7 Got to Have Tips for Air-Drying Your Hair ...

If you always use heat to style your hair, deciding to air dry might seem a bit scary. Heat can do a real number on your hair, so leaving the hairdryer or the straighteners unplugged for a couple days a week, or even just a day on the weekend, gives your hair a chance to breathe and regain its happy place. But not all of us are blessed with hair that fares well when left to dry naturally, so here are the tips to help.

1. Braid It before Bed to Make Waves

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Fancy crimped hair but don’t want to use heat appliances to achieve the look? Try braiding your hair when it is damp to add a little natural texture. If you want natural waves then go for a loose braid. If you want it more defined and crimped then tie the braid nice and tight. This is a simple way to dry your hair naturally, and the added bonus is that it is pretty comfortable to sleep in too.

2. Condition Your Hair after Washing for the Best Results

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If you want perfect air dried hair, then you need to use a good conditioner that is right for your hair type. Choose a conditioner that promises to tackle the personal issues that you face with your hair. Make sure you read the labels carefully and check whether it needs to be left in or rinsed off right away, to ensure maximum results and super smooth hair.

3. Be Sure to Prep Your Hair for Snoozing

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I’m guilty of not prepping my wet hair before bed, so usually I wake up with frizzy, fluffy hair. However, since I’ve been using this one of the tips for air-drying your hair I’ve seen some serious improvements. Wet hair in bed can break hair strands and the hair cuticle can get damaged by your pillow case. When you wash your hair, wrap it in a silk scarf. When you wake up in the morning and unwrap it, you’ll have silky, shiny locks.

4. Use Detangler to do the Job You Normally do with Your Dryer and Brush

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If you have long locks then tangles and knots can be a nightmare. Invest in a decent detangler and protect your hair and scalp from detangling with hair brushes alone. Spray on the product and gently comb it through to protect your hair from breaking with every knot. Some of the sprays don’t even require you to comb your hair after, ideal if your hair is pretty damaged from previous knots.

5. Use the Right Product That Deals with Your “au-naturel” Hair Problems

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Talk to your stylist or research the best products for tackling your particular hair issues that arise when you air-dry. You might need something to make your curls bouncy, smooth frizz, keep it perfectly straight or add volume to fine hair. Whatever your troubles, there will be a product out there to suit you. You need to ensure that the product is suitable for your hair type and made with natural ingredients, otherwise you might have even more issues.

6. Don’t Touch Your Hair Throughout the Day

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If you keep touching your hair then natural oils that occur on your hands will cause it to become heavy and lank. If you’ve spent money on decent volumizing products then you’ll be undoing all your hard work and will be left with flat, greasy hair. However tempting it might be to twirl your hair, keep your hands off when air drying, and afterward.

7. Use Dry Shampoo to Create Volume

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You might think it a bit backwards to put on dry shampoo after washing, however it adds volume wonderfully. Dry shampoo is my secret weapon. I use it to freshen up between washes, to pump up when it is looking a little flat and when air-drying my locks. Pump life into your hair with a good spray of the stuff.

I really recommend you try some days where you let your hair air dry. I believe the health of my hair has improved a lot since I nixed the heat a few days a week. What’s your story – are you a confirmed blowout or straightening girl?

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