7 Products for Damaged Hair to Try ...

There are about a million and one products for damaged hair on the market, but it can be really difficult to decide which ones to use. Lucky for you, I've created a to-the-point list of different items and products that will help tame your weary locks. Especially in these winter months, hair can become extremely dry and limp, so let’s try and get your hair to come back to life! Check out these hair products for damaged hair and revive your strands.

1. Heat-Protecting Sprays

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I swear by heat-protectors as one of the best products for damaged hair. Spray it on damp hair after you’ve washed it and style your hair as you normally would. Heat tamer acts as a leave-in conditioner and allows for all heat products like blow dryers and straighteners to take the moisture from the product instead of your hair’s own natural moisture. Heat-protectors act as a barricade to shield your hair from damaging heat.

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