7 Reasons to Dye Your Hair a Crazy Color at Least Once ...

If you have been looking for reasons to dye your hair a crazy color, I have 7 of them for you. Natural hair colors are, of course, always appropriate, but sometimes it’s fun to step out of the box. As long as your school or your work doesn’t mind you adding an unnatural color to your locks, what’s the harm? So work up that confidence and check out these 7 reasons to dye your hair a crazy color at least once!

1. The Compliments

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One of the best reasons to dye your hair a crazy color is for the compliments. People notice when you do something out of the ordinary and most of the time, people like and appreciate it. I have never received more compliments on my hair than when I colored my entire head pink! So I know from experience that trying out a crazy color is bound to get you noticed and complimented!

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