16. Garlic and Chamomile Tea Mask

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This seems like one of the more complicated hair growth treatments, but that's only because it uses a lot of ingredients. Because of the chamomile tea, you might not want to use this treatment if you have very light hair. It can change the color, at least on a temporary basis. If you are looking for a richer color, it offers some fantastic lowlights while strengthening and lengthening your hair!

Recipe: You'll need a tablespoon of garlic juice and three tablespoons of chamomile tea (or a tea bag, that works fine), along with a tablespoon of aloe vera gel, a tablespoon of honey, three cups of water, and one egg yolk. You can, of course, juice your garlic with a press – fun stuff!

Begin by mixing the garlic juice with your honey, then place it in your fridge. Now, boil your water and the tea for about half an hour, stirring occasionally. While you let it cool, get your juice/honey mixture and stir in the egg yolk as well as the aloe. Massage this mask into your scalp and down to the ends of your hair, let it sit for 20 minutes, then wash it out using a gentle shampoo. After after that (okay, so this one is a little complicated!), rinse your hair with the chamomile, and let it stay in.

How Often: If you have the stamina, you can use this treatment once a week!

Where to Buy: Every ingredient is available either in your kitchen or at your local grocery store! The aloe vera gel is also available at most drugstores and retailers.

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