22. Carbonated Water Rinse

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hair,clothing,hairstyle,long hair,brown hair,
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Frizzy hair can be quite hard to tame so when your hair gets to be unruly, try this simple rinse. Carbonated water works like apple cider vinegar where it has a low pH level so that it helps to reduce frizz without the unpleasant smell like ACV. This hair rinse will also clarify your hair and leave it soft and shiny.

Recipe: Pick up a bottle of non flavored carbonated water to rinse with. After you wash your hair, give it a final rinse with a mixture of regular water and carbonated or sparkling water. So, use half regular water and half carbonated water, the longer your hair is the more you will need!

How Often: This can be used a few times a week after you wash and air dry your hair.

Where to buy: Any grocery store

Beer Rinse
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