24. Olive Oil and Honey

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You've already been introduced to these two emollient ingredients in other hair treatment recipes but they also work great together. Honey is thick and the olive oil is quite thin so they balance out each other perfectly and enhance the benefit of each ingredient.

Recipe: Pour about 5 tbsp.

olive oil into a small bowl.Add small drops of honey, whisking constantly and continuing to add honey until the consistency of the mask is smooth, not overly sticky and manageable.Massage the mask into damp hair until evenly distributed and fully saturated.

Cover hair with a shower cap, plastic wrap or a plastic grocery bag. Allow the mask to soak in for 90 minutes.Rinse the mask completely out of the hair and thoroughly shampoo.

How Often: Use this deep conditioning treatment weekly or even twice weekly for dry hair. You can also adjust the amount of olive oil and honey according to your hair's needs.

Where to Buy: At your local grocery store or your kitchen.

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