7 Rockin Hair Accessories for Summer 2014 ...

By Eliza

You can feel the warm weather coming, so now is a great time to think about hair accessories for summer. Whether you’re on break with your kids, you’re planning a great vacation or you still have to head into the office, there’s sure to be something on this list that works for you. Hair accessories for summer are a fun way to inject your unique and fabulous personality into your summer look. Have a look at the sweet collection I’ve put together for you, but feel free to give me some new ideas if you’ve found a great summer hair accessory that I didn’t include.

Table of contents:

  1. large silk flowers
  2. 1920s style hair band
  3. a simple ribbon
  4. beaded barrette or clip
  5. bows
  6. lace
  7. pins

1 Large Silk Flowers

Sure, you’ve probably worn a small silk flower over your ear or in a ponytail before, but one of the hottest hair accessories for summer is a huge flower. Don’t worry – if you have a peek at the runway looks, you’ll see how easy it is to pull it off. The trick is to choose a flower that matches your outfit and go easy on other accessories. Pull your hair into a side bun and decorate it with a large silk flower. Add a sundress and sandals to your look and you’ll be ready for anything summer brings your way.

2 1920s Style Hair Band

I have spent a good portion of my life wearing a headband, but always pushed back on the crown of my head and usually to hold back my bangs as I grow them out. For summer 2014, check out the 1920s style headbands that are all over the runway. Choose a thin but embellished headband and wear it around your forehead, rather than pushing it up and back. You can wear this with virtually anything, so stock up on your favorites.

3 A Simple Ribbon

Ribbon is super affordable and comes in so many colors and patterns, so you can totally rock this trend without going broke. Tie a ribbon around your head like a headband, adjusting the bow under a bun or ponytail. Or, tie a small ribbon around the end of your braid. This is a super easy way to jazz up your look without a ton of time or effort.

4 Beaded Barrette or Clip

Nothing says fancy like a glittering hair accessory. The options you’ll see on the runway this summer aren’t gaudy or over the top. They are sweet, sparkly little accessories that you can add to a bun or twist with ease. They’ll make your look a bit fancy for a night out or a summer morning brunch.

5 Bows

There’s nothing little girly about this summer’s bows. Whether you pair a large bow and a messy updo or you clip a small bow and leave your hair down and flowing, you’ll look like the models on the runways. You can easily find bows in a huge variety of patterns and colors, so you can effortlessly blend them with all your favorite outfits.

6 Lace

Lace is super girly and easy to mix and match with a ton of other patterns, colors and textures. For a simple look, use a length of lace as a headband. If you want something a bit fancier, try mixing lace with the silk flowers or beaded accessories I mentioned above. You can’t go wrong when you add a touch of lace to your look.

7 Pins

I don’t think hairpins will ever go out of style. The trends on summer runways are no exception. Use a couple of sparkling hair pins to glam up a dress and heels for a dinner out or add them to your updo for the office. Use a couple or just one – no matter what you do, it’ll look great!

What’s your favorite summer hairdo? Do you love the accessories I’ve mentioned? I’m a quick hairstyle kind of girl so I love that all of these accessories can be combined with my favorite styles without taking tons of time to achieve the look.

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