3. Comb Carefully

Comb Carefully

When drying your hair, it isn’t necessarily bad to comb through your hair as you dry it, but be sure to use a special detangling comb. You also need to be sure to comb carefully through your hair instead of quickly and aggressively. One tip that professional hair stylists give is not to comb from the root of the head down, but to instead start midway towards the bottom, very slowly. This allows you to work out any kinks in your hair and eases away the accumulated tangles.

Then, work your way up towards the top of your head slowly and gently until all your knots are out. Using this technique, you won’t tear your hair from the root down, where it grows. Instead, you’ll be working from the bottom of your strand upwards, which means you’re less likely to pull your hair out this way. When purchasing a detangling comb, I like to stick with common brands like Goody brand that are effective and inexpensive. Detangling combs are usually a thick plastic material, and contain uneven fingers, and even have uneven textures, which allow them to work through your hair differently and more easily than a straight-edged comb, creating less damage.

Use Tourmaline
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