7 Simple Ways to Choose a Flattering Hairstyle ...

Knowing what you want from your hair stylist will make their job a whole lot easier and there are some simple ways to choose a flattering hairstyle. Growing up, my mother was a hairdresser and I have fond memories of sitting in the salon with my feet barely touching the ground as I flicked through hair magazines and tried on wigs. I therefore picked up a few hair tips along the way as I watched the stylists work their magic.We all know what it's like; we find a fabulous picture of a hairstyle, only to find out that it wont suit our hair texture or face shape. Here are some simple ways to choose a flattering hairstyle that will mean you can make the job of your hairstylist a whole lot easier.

1. What's Your Shape?

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Firstly you will need to see what your face shape is. You can do this by tying your hair back and examining your face shape in front of the mirror. Are you an oval, long, heart, square or round? Ascertaining this first is one of the ways to choose a flattering hairstyle.

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