Things That Make Your ☝️ Hair πŸ’†‍♀️ Greasy πŸ˜– ...

There are lots of things that make your hair greasy. Ask any girl what kind of health and beauty situation has the potential to dictate her life on a day to day basis, and there’s a huge chance that she will mention something pertaining to greasy hair! Having to contend with the presence of greasy hair can be a really frustrating thing because you feel like you need to shampoo more often, which in turn can lead to your hair becoming more and more greasy at a faster rate! Once you have gotten yourself into that everyday washing cycle, it can be hard to break it, but shampooing too much isn’t the only reason for hair getting greasy quickly. Here are some other things that make your hair greasy.

1. Too Much Touching

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It can be kind of a habit to touch and run your fingers through your hair all the time but consider that every time you do that, you are transferring oils from your fingertips to your hair, and this can build up over time to make your hair much more greasy than it should be! Touching your strands too much is one of the top things that make your hair greasy.

2. Over Washing

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When you are busy every single day of the week, it can be tempting to wash your hair all the time, but doing this is a sure fire way to make it turn greasier quicker. Daily shampooing can have the effect of stripping all the natural oils from your scalp, so it then works overtime to try to replace them!

3. Over Conditioning

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Using conditioner is a must for achieving soft and luscious locks, but you really only need a small amount for a full head of hair. Using too much will result in the product sticking around for longer than you want it to, and if you don’t wash all of it out, it will just hang there and make your hair look and feel incredibly greasy.

4. Over Brushing

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When you brush your hair, the friction of the teeth on your scalp causes a stimulation in oil production, so it makes perfect sense that the more you comb and brush, the more oil there will be. Rather than brushing from the very top every time, try instead to just work on detangling the ends.

5. Dirty Hairbrush

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Think about it. When was the last time you washed or cleaned your hairbrush? It is something that comes into contact with your clean hair on a regular basis, so the more old hair there is in it, the more chance there is of your hair getting greasy prematurely!

6. Wrong Products

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You need to pay attention to what kinds of products you are using in relation to your specific hair type. If you are naturally prone to getting greasy hair, then you want to avoid any products that use keywords like β€˜shine’ and β€˜moisture’, because those are signifiers that the product is for people with overly dry hair instead.

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