4. Detangle Carefully

Whether natural or permed, curly hair really needs to be dealt with gently and carefully! Which leads me to this next curly hair maintenance must titled “tools and techniques”! Hop to the nearest beauty supply store and get yourself a wide-toothed comb and a soft paddle brush!

Use the comb to detangle wet hair prior applying curl cream and letting it air dry or to work through major knots and tangles when you hair is dry. Follow up with a brush once hair is mostly smooth for a perfect dry-detangling result, then run wet hands though hair a couple of times to reactivate curling products and get your by now frizzy, fluffy curls to look well defined again. Give it a shot – I’m sure you’ll find this technique very useful! And keep reading, of course, as I have a few more tips to maintain a curly perm to share!

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