Try These Twist out Hairstyles when You Want Something New ...

Do you ever just want to try something new with your hair? You don't necessarily want to make a huge change, you just want to look fresh to death without a lot of hassle or time. Twist out styles can help you do that, not to mention the fact that they're gorgeous! I can't twist my hair because it's too fine, but I like getting inspo from twist outs so I can embrace my natural curls a little more instead of straightening my hair every single day. Even though I can't work the twist, I know plenty of you can, so this one's for you – but I think everyone can appreciate the beauty of these stunning styles!

1. A Not-so-simple Bob

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No, this is not a next level bob. This is an out-of-this-world bob. I wish, wish, wish I could copy this twist out!

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