8 Understated & Fashionable Hairstyles for the Office ...

Finding the ideal hairstyles for the office is horrible! Every morning I go through the exact same routine – flipping through the latest magazine to find the right hairstyles for the office that is quick and easy! So all you office girls, do you have the same problem? Well not anymore! I have the top 8 hairstyles for the office that will make the decision of what to do with your hair in the morning super easy!

1. Sock Bun

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I absolutely love sock buns. They are super cute, totally easy to pull off and can work really well for the office! Don't worry ladies, if you don't know exactly what a sock bun is, it's super easy to do! All you need is a sock rolled into a donut, a pony tail and some patience. Trust me ladies, this hairstyle for the office is super stylish!

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