7 Ways to Dress up a Messy Bun ...

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, there are in fact ways to dress up a messy bun to take the simple β€˜do from drab to fab in minutes. Throwing your hair up in a haphazard bun is the oldest trick in the book to get your hair up and out of you face super-quick. As easy and foolproof as this style is, by just taking a few minutes, (or even seconds in some cases), you can make the messy bun more stylish and (gasp!) even workplace-appropriate. Stay tuned for some quick and simple ways to dress up a messy bun and start transforming your look!

1. Add a Headband

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One of the fastest and simplest ways to dress up a messy bun is by adding a headband. This can be either a simple elastic headband or something a bit more stylish like a tortoise shell double-headband. Many stores these days also sell really pretty metal headbands with a rhinestone embellished piece placed on the side of the headband. Here’s the trick though: in order to make the overall look a bit dressier, tease your crown (the area of hair near your hairline) and also back towards where the bun would be placed for more volume prior to putting your hair in the bun.

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