7 Ways to save Money without Reducing the Quality of Your Hair Care ...


Wanting to save money on hair isn’t bad, unacceptable or something to be ashamed of and should be viewed as a potentially fun journey that could result in you having more cash to spend on other equally important items as well as that great, manageable, healthy tresses you’re used to! Budget friendly hair care, here we come! Now, before we start, you should know that using pricy products (and loving them) is completely acceptable and that no suggestion of giving them up will ever cross my lips (or keyboard, for that matter) so leave your fears at the door and do check out these following tips on how to save on hair care in a way that won’t make your hair suffer:

1. Follow the Instructions

Using a handful of shampoo to wash your hair or even two in case you shampoo twice is a total waste of a good product and something you should remind yourself not to do in case you want to save money on hair products! Think about it – when it comes to those really good products worth the extra cash, a little bit usually goes a long way and there’s absolutely no need to use three applications worth of product! Follow the instructions, check the reviews and experiment a bit to find your ideal dosage! Your hair may, in some cases, need a bit more product than usual but, trust me, “a bit” is not the same as doubling or even tripling your dose! You’re wasting your product, girl, and often to no result whatsoever! Furthermore, less product often means lighter, bouncier, cleaner hair so in case saving doesn’t do it for you, these reasons will definitely make you reevaluate your habits!

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