7 Ways to save Money without Reducing the Quality of Your Hair Care ...


7 Ways to save Money without Reducing the Quality of Your Hair Care ...
7 Ways to save Money without Reducing the Quality of Your Hair Care ...

Wanting to save money on hair isn’t bad, unacceptable or something to be ashamed of and should be viewed as a potentially fun journey that could result in you having more cash to spend on other equally important items as well as that great, manageable, healthy tresses you’re used to! Budget friendly hair care, here we come! Now, before we start, you should know that using pricy products (and loving them) is completely acceptable and that no suggestion of giving them up will ever cross my lips (or keyboard, for that matter) so leave your fears at the door and do check out these following tips on how to save on hair care in a way that won’t make your hair suffer:

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Follow the Instructions

Using a handful of shampoo to wash your hair or even two in case you shampoo twice is a total waste of a good product and something you should remind yourself not to do in case you want to save money on hair products! Think about it – when it comes to those really good products worth the extra cash, a little bit usually goes a long way and there’s absolutely no need to use three applications worth of product! Follow the instructions, check the reviews and experiment a bit to find your ideal dosage! Your hair may, in some cases, need a bit more product than usual but, trust me, “a bit” is not the same as doubling or even tripling your dose! You’re wasting your product, girl, and often to no result whatsoever! Furthermore, less product often means lighter, bouncier, cleaner hair so in case saving doesn’t do it for you, these reasons will definitely make you reevaluate your habits!


Browse for Good Deals

From Amazon to eBay and even magazines – there are plenty of ways to get your products for less, kiss the guilt good bye and enjoy your budget friendly hair care with no strings attached! These first two options might prove to be risky for an inexperienced shopper so be careful and don’t rush into it. You don’t have to turn to online shopping if you don’t feel comfortable with it – stick to discount coupons you can cut or print out and use in an actual shop or promo codes you can use on verified sites. I’ve received a 20% off coupon for a new Kerastase treatment a few months ago and a 25% off coupon for Sephora about a week ago which is pretty awesome considering the fact that, when it comes to coupons, freebies and discount codes, US beats EU any day!


Invest in a Bigger Pack

In case you’re especially fond of a certain product, have used it before and are 100% sure you’ll be repeating your purchase, you may choose to invest in a bigger package as a part of your budget friendly hair care strategy! Your hair care costs will go up that month, as large packages are a bit pricier (duh!) but you’ll get more produce for less cash in the long run which, again, reduces your costs in the following months. Still far from being rocket science, I know, and I’m sure I’m not the first one to come up with this idea but still…just thought I should mention it and remind you about this being a cool option to go for.


Do It Yourself

DIY concocting can help you save money on hair products as well, not to mention how truly amazing and totally natural homemade products really are! From shampoo and various deep, leave in and regular conditioners to gel, hot oil and salt spray – anything you can buy in store, you can make at home as well! Now, I certainly don’t mean to blow my own horn but we do have more than a few amazing posts on DIY products around here and I would advise you to take a peek at them in case you’re feeling crafty and frugal enough to consider this savings strategy.


100% Economy

Still wondering how to save on hair care? Well, let me ask you something – what do you do when your shampoo or conditioner bottle gets empty? Like, do you throw it out immediately or you shake it a few times and maybe add a bit of water to loosen up the product residue coating the sides? Add five points in case this latter seems to be the truth in your case and another five in case your thoroughness yields two extra uses per bottle! It might seem like a lot of trouble for some but, trust me, making sure the bottle is really and truly empty before you toss it out and crack open a new one really does pay out. It’s not an immediate save or something you’ll be able to notice right away but will prove to be quite of a save if observed on annual basis.


Learn a Few Pro Tricks

In case you use a curl booster or any other curl enhancing product on your hair, you’ve probably noticed the second day re-application makes your locks feel a bit waxy and heavy! It has nothing do with your pricy product, of course, more with the quantity of it and you can undo it all and save quite a bit of your favorite stuff if you take a habit of wetting your hair to re-activate the product you’ve applied yesterday instead of slapping on a new coat of it. There are plenty of other tricks to help you learn how to save on hair care as well! How about that “shampoo your roots and condition your ends only” rule we’ve been mentioning quite a bit here? Or letting your locks cool off in your palm before lightly misting hairspray as opposed to spraying them heavily while they’re still hot and letting them sag and uncoil? See? What’s good for your hair is good for your budget too!


Samples, Anyone?

Don’t throw away shampoo and conditioner samples you’ve received with your favorite magazine or with your purchase- put them into a good use instead and do the same with those cute little bottles you’ve picked up from hotels while traveling! These things are awesome to have around in case you ever run out of your favorite products and will not only help save money on hair but keep your hair care routine interesting, putting an end to a very common problem known as “My hair has gotten used to its favorite product – HELP!” Who knows… you may even run into a really awesome product…and it might even prove to be much cheaper than the one you already use.

Have you ever attempted to save money on hair products and how successful you were in your mission? Were you able to keep up with it or your budget friendly hair care proved to be too time consuming to handle in the long run? Do tell and, please, do feel free to share everything and anything you believe will help make one’s hair care easier to handle financially!

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