3. Red

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As long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a redhead. Something about red is exciting. It’s different, and edgy. It may be because the color red wakes up your appetite for food, and for frolic. Reds are energetic. They can keep up with you in public, and behind closed doors. They are passionate.

They love sex. They need sex. They want sex. Sex is a must in their lives. Even if you’re staring at the ceiling the whole time making out your grocery list. They like to be the center of attention. I know I do.

I started with fire-engine red, then toned it down to magenta, and now I'm at deep violet, which gave my red a auburn, and less unapproachable look. Extreme redheads don’t really care about the looks they get, just so long as they are getting the looks.

They have dreams, and will pursue them. They are impatient, and easy to piss off. If you piss of a redhead, leave. Take a trip away from the state for awhile. Do not go near them until further notice. They like rituals. They aren’t necessarily religious though. They don’t want to rule the world, but want to be noticed. They have a short attention span and hard time focusing because something cooler usually catches their attention.

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