9 Best Hair Apps You've Got to Download ...


We’ve all been there: ready for a new hairstyle or color, but too timid to try it at the salon.

Well, my dear, there’s an app for that… several apps, in fact!

iTunes has lots of try-before-you-buy hair apps, all of them geared to help you choose a new hue or ‘do without the real-life hair mishaps.

Who knew you’d look so good with a bright blue shag?

Here are the best hair apps you’ve got to download and try… before your next trip to the salon!

1. Hair Salon

Hair Salon

Price: $1.99 at itunes.apple.com

Try out dozens of on-trend hairstyles without real-life salon mishaps with this hair app.2

It’s pre-loaded with 40 styles — all you have to do is upload (or take) a flattering shot, and try them out.

I love the little shag, and the bob… and the long layers…

Hairstyle Wizard
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