What Green Hair and Other Colors Mean for a BA Edge to Your Look ...

Hair color meanings can vary a great deal and I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of stories or even met a few people ready to judge you based on your hair color. Whether you've got green or red or something else, you're hair color can say a lot about you. Now, I personally doubt any hair color meaning is absolutely and totally correct but, hey – it would be fun to finally see what other people see! Do you agree? Well, take a look at these interesting claims:

1. Green Hair is Calming

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Green hair-like the meaning of the color green-is said to be worn by girls who are edgy but calm. The color green in everyday life is soothing to the eyes so clearly girls that rock a shade of green are the ones to hang with if you want some peace in your life. Girls who sport green hair are also thought to be sportier than any other hair color according to anime theory.

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