Interesting πŸ€” Meanings behind Popular πŸ‘πŸΌ Hair Colors 🎨 ...

Hair color meanings can vary a great deal and I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of stories or even met a few people ready to judge you based on your Β«hair color personalityΒ». Now, I personally doubt any hair color meaning is absolutely and totally correct but, hey – it would be fun to finally see what other people see! Do you agree? Well, take a look at these interesting claims:

1. Redheads Are Feisty but Creative

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Red-haired vixens are often believed to have a temper as hot as the color on their heads and, although this isn’t always the case, the scientists do have reasons to believe that, comparing to other ladies with different hair colors, red-heads do tend to exhibit a more passionate, explosive behavior. But wait, this is not all -this hair color personality is often described as very seductive, creative and outspoken as well! And although only 13% of female CEOs would choose to hire a red-haired candidate, the candidates who do get the job will most like end up being team-leaders and filling up positions that require quick-thinking.

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