7 Fabulous Hair Magazines You've Got to Flip through ...


7 Fabulous Hair Magazines You've Got to Flip through ...
7 Fabulous Hair Magazines You've Got to Flip through ...

Hair magazines are a wonderful thing any person who cares enough about itself (and all the body parts including hair) must flip through at least once in a few months. And, believe me, you don’t have to do it only when you need a new cut because hairstyle magazines contain many interesting information you could find useful every single day of the year. So check out this list of popular, highly praised mags and the next time you want to get yourself a magazine subscription be sure to opt for a hair magazine!

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American Salon

American Salon Subscription Price: $33.00 at amazon.com
If you’re a professional hair stylist looking for fresh ideas, new tips, tricks, trends and styles you’ll definitely want to subscribe! American Salon is undoubtedly one of the best hair magazines out there and it allows all knowledge- craving pros to get their fair share of into on just everything and anything hair related.


Hype Hair

Hype Hair Subscription Price: $27.00 at amazon.com
Now this is a hair magazine just any «sister» will love as it has everything to do with African-American hair! From styling tips and celebrity trends to fresh new up-dos for every occasion and every type of hair – it’s definitely a must-read! I like it because it focuses on both natural and relaxed hair, giving everybody plenty of useful tips on how to care for their hair and rock it in all possible situations.

Frequently asked questions

Look for hair magazines that cater to your style interests, hair type, and skill level. If you're a professional, you might prefer magazines with industry news, while if you're looking for inspiration for your own hair, magazines with lots of styles and tutorials could be better suited for you.

You can buy hair magazines at bookstores, supermarkets, salons, or online. Some are available by subscription, and digital versions might be available on their respective websites or digital newsstands.

Yes, hair magazines often showcase the latest haircut trends and styling ideas which can provide inspiration for a new look. They also sometimes include step-by-step guides to help you try new styles at home.

Absolutely! There are hair magazines focusing on a wide range of hair types and textures, including magazines for curly hair, fine hair, long hair, and more. Search for one that matches your hair type for the best advice and style options.

Hair magazines are publications that focus on hair trends, hairstyles, hair care, and professional advice related to hair and beauty. They often feature images, tutorials, product reviews, and interviews with stylists and hair experts.



Glamour Subscription Price: 19.99 at amazon.com
I absolutely love Glamor and, although it’s not really a magazine for hair, it still provides plenty of awesome hair tips and info on popular hairstyles along with many other cool, incredibly valuable fashion and skincare tricks and news. It’s a wonderful all on one package to get in case you’re not used to spending a lot of cash on magazine subscriptions.


Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide

Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide Price: $5.99/pc at amazon.com
Their webpage says this is one of the best hair magazines in the world… Hm… Well, although I’m very tempted to debate this simply do the fact that world is actually a very big place I must admit the magazine is quite awesome. Order a current copy or simply buy an old one on Amazon take a peek – I’m sure you’ll find many interesting hair cut ideas, up-dos, how-tos and will be inspired to experiment with your hair much more.


Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide is one of the most popular hair magazines in the world. It is published by the company of the same name and is available for purchase at Amazon.com for $5.99. The magazine contains a variety of hair cut ideas, up-dos, and how-tos for readers to try out. It is full of useful tips and advice for people looking to experiment with their hair.

The magazine also features interviews with hair professionals, articles on hair trends, and product reviews. It is a great resource for those who are looking to keep up with the latest hair trends and find the right products to use for their hair type. It also provides readers with a range of styling tips and tricks to help them create the perfect look.

The magazine also contains a section dedicated to men's hairstyles. It features a variety of cuts and styles for men to choose from, as well as advice on how to maintain a healthy and stylish head of hair.

In addition, the magazine also features a section dedicated to beauty and skin care. Here, readers can find advice on how to maintain healthy skin and hair, as well as product reviews and tips on how to create the perfect makeup look.


Men’s Passion

Men’s Passion Subscription Price: $70.00 at amazon.com
Dedicated to men and men only, this interesting magazine is one of a very few, if not the only, hairstyle magazine that discusses new trends that target the stronger sex. Short hairstyles, long hairstyles, edgy cuts and totally professional ones – every stylish, trendy guy definitely needs a copy of this hair magazine (and every straight girl needs to take a peek inside as well!)


The $70.00 subscription might seem steep, but it's an investment in your style savvy. With Men's Passion, you're not just looking at glossy pages; you're absorbing the cutting-edge of men's hair fashion. Flip through for an eclectic mix of what's hot — from the classic gentleman's cut to the bold and avant-garde. It's the go-to resource for the discerning male who wants to stay ahead of the curve. Ladies will find inspiration for their guy's next hair appointment, making it a win-win for everyone involved. Don't miss out on this exclusive trove of men's grooming gold.


Celebrity Hairstyles Magazine

Celebrity Hairstyles Magazine Price: $5.99.pc at amazon.com
Keeping up with the latest and greatest celebrity trends isn’t hard even without a magazine but if you’re in for a special cut or even a special up-do it might help you find it. I personally wouldn’t get a full subscription as I’m not overly crazy about copy-pasting Hollywood looks but I'd like to flip through it occasionally just in case.


The magazine is a treasure trove of inspiration with glossy pages filled with A-listers and their signature styles. Even if you're not planning a red-carpet-worthy transformation, there's something exciting about seeing what's new in the world of high fashion hair. For those who enjoy a visual feast of stunning looks or maybe need ideas for a special event, this could be your go-to resource. Just bear in mind, the looks can be quite bold, so it's perfect for the daring fashionista rather than someone seeking everyday hair tips.


Black Beauty

Black Beauty Subscription Price: $48.48 at amazon.com
The last on my list of great hair magazines you just got to flip through is Black Beauty- a publication that focuses on ethnic hairstyles as well as lifestyle and beauty. It’s going to keep you informed and entertained in all fields so you won’t only get to experiment with your hair but your fashion and beauty products as well. Don’t you just love a good old all-in-one!?

So? How about it? Are you tempted to flip through some of these hair magazines? Or maybe you have your favorite magazines for hair already! Do tell!

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