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Braided hairstyles are the most popular trend of today, a trend that’s been around quite a bit, and managed to claim its fair share of spotlight just anywhere! Celebrities didn’t resist the temptation to weave their tresses either which gave us all a famous braided hairstyle or two to try to emulate for homework! But the story doesn’t end there, of course! And how could it? Not with so many interesting movies and TV shows and all these amazing movie inspired hairstyles worth figuring out! But wait, don’t tell me you’ve never wished to give a certain movie hairstyle a go? Well, let me just say that you won’t be able to resist these following 7:

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Lord of the Rings Arwen Braid

If you love LOTR and fabulous Liv Tyler, you’ll definitely want to try one of the gorgeous braided hairstyles her character Arwen is famous for! Now, I’m sure you’ve already Googled and searched YouTube to find all of those popular looks so I’ve decided to go for something different and a lot complicated! So, have fun doing this fabulous braid and, yup, I know it takes a lot of time but, as you can see, it’s well worth it!


Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Braid

Okaaay… Daenerys Targaryen Stormborn, The Mother of Dragons and blah, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, Andals, something-something, First Men..oh and Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Did I miss any of her titles? Anyways, for a lady so busy freeing slaves, conquering free cities and contemplating best ways to reclaim her rightful throne she certainly has some pretty impressive hairstyles! Respect for that! In fact, we should all take notes – a girl just has to look presentable at all times! So, the next time you feel like saying, “Oh come on, I’m going to be riding a horse through a desert in hopes I might find water and food for my khalasar – do I really need a hairstyle for that?” remember Dany and use this video tutorial to emulate her famous braided hairstyle.


Game of Thrones Sansa Stark Braid

My original idea was to do a post on movie inspired hairstyles only but since GoT happens to be one of THE most popular shows at the moment, leaving those gorgeous medieval styles just felt wrong! And now that I’ve given all Dany fans something to play with, it’s time to pay all of my pretty little birds out there with the same coin! This one’s for you, it’s not as medieval as other Sansa hairstyles and something tells me it’s going to look particularly good if you sing “Florian and Jonquil” while braiding!


Hunger Games Katniss Braid

Well, enough with the Game of Thrones and back to movie inspired hairstyles! Now, if you’re a fan, you’ve probably tried to do that big slanted braid –Right? Well, good for you (that is, after all, one of the most popular braided hairstyles featured in this movie) but we’re not going to be discussing that one at the moment. The look I’ve chosen today is not as popular but just as gorgeous, though, which is a great reason to give it a shot in case you want to be different or simply take a break from that slanted braid. Enjoy!


Twilight Saga Rosalie Hale Braid

Moving on to Twilight Saga and Rosalie’s famous braided hairstyle emulated by so many people (even celebs) that it goes from totally hot to plain addictive! Should you give it a shot? Absolutely! It’s a perfect romantically, casual sort of a day-time look you can do for school, date or whatever and accessories such as flowers or boho bands are more than a welcome addition! Just try not to become as vain as Rosalie was, hun, and you’ll be just fine looking gorgeous and sweet enough to kill for.


Snow White and the Huntsman Movie Hairstyle

Oh, don’t you just love the idea of rocking a certain hairstyle before the premiere and the whole oh-I-got-to-have-that-look madness? Yup, I thought you might! And let’s face it, this style is going to be a huge hit, not only because it looks awesome but also because this particular Snow White is going to be a total badass! Bravo Universal, bravo Ruper Sanders – a fairytale in which a princess chooses to face her foes with steel in her hands is definitely more to my liking!


Game of Thrones Sansa Double Twisted Braid

And the last on my list of braided hairstyles you’ll definitely want to do in order to compliment your casual or girly daytime look is another Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones style! It’s one of my personal favorites actually and I think it looks waaay better than that poufy “southron” up-do! Give it a shot, it’s fairly easy to do and looks amazing!

Are you into braided hairstyles and which movie hairstyle are you going to rock? I absolutely have to talk my sister into doing my hair Daenerys- style!

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There are a bunch of Hunger Games hairstyle tutorials that are super helpful on Cute Girls Hairstyles channel on YouTube

I love katniss!!

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