7 Cute Versions of a Beachy Wave Style ...


7 Cute Versions of a Beachy Wave Style ...
7 Cute Versions of a Beachy Wave Style ...

Beachy waves are a fantastic summer hairstyle I’m pretty sure every girl loves and looks forward to each and every season! Yet, when a certain hairstyle is so popular, so loved and so casual, girls will try to find ways to update it after a while, just to keep that fun feeling of looking good and being totally aware of it. Well, new summer is upon us ladies and it’s time for new summer hairstyle ideas, so check out these beach wave hairstyles below to get an idea on how to update your beachy locks:

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Beachy Waves with a Braid

Deep weavers are a bit pricy down here but this is exactly the reason why I want one so bad! I mean just look at those waves..and I bet they look even better on the second day! Now, if you happen to have this awesome tool lying around, here’s a cute beach wave hairstyle to help you put it into a good use. Use your bangs to weave a trendy side braid and voila!


Beach Bunny Hair

Speaking about waves and braids, here’s another interesting yet different beachy style you’ll want to add to your list of favorite beach wave hairstyles! As you can see, it looks awesome even on medium length hair which means you don’t have to envy long-haired girls for being able to emulate these “Malibu Barbie meets Victoria’s Secret model” hairstyles! Yaaay!


Waterfall Braid and Beachy Waves

Have you ever done a waterfall braid before? How about a double waterfall braid? Well, next tutorial on my list of nice summer hairstyle ideas will help you refresh your favorite summer wavy style by simply adding these princessy, super-trendy braids. It’s a great way to add texture to your hair and really put those waves under the spotlight, plus it looks really elaborate and will certainly prove to be a hairstyle you’ll want to rock quite often this summer.


Beach Wave Hairstyle with a Boho Twist

I’m sure you’ve already figured out the best way to get your hair to twist and wave in that casual, beach-like fashion but check out this awesome video anyways, even if you prefer heatless ways to achieve your beach-inspired waves. Why? Well, to get an idea on how to give your beachy look a bit of a boho charm! I think this is a great way to style bangs during summer and, let’s face it, as simple as it is, this look is way nicer than regular no braid, no embellishments wavy style!


Ke$ha Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial

You can love or hate her music but you simply have to agree her hairstyles are pretty awesome! Oh, and this may sound funny but, whenever I think about beach waves, Ke$ha is one of the first people that come to my mind! But enough jabbering – it’s time to focus on her hairstyle! Check out this awesome vid and you’ll understand why I think this look is absolutely worth emulating.


Beach Waves Turned into Braids

Next on my list of nice summer hairstyle ideas is a video tutorial you’ll certainly find useful in case your beach waves tend to fall flat quickly, leaving only a second day mess you have to deal with. Now, I know this technically isn’t a “beach wave how to” but hey, if my first sentence sounds like something you’re quite familiar with, you’ll agree that, by the next morning, not much of a wave is there to work with. Luckily, you can always turn your messy non-waves into two messy braids that won’t only look super-fabulous but help you get your waves back, too!


Cute Beachy Hair with a Headband

And the last but not the least – a fantastic tutorial to help you not only create beachy waves but accessorize the look, too! You do agree this style looks fantastic with a headband- don’t you? Well, there you go – one more reason to check it out and start experimenting with your headbands.

Ah, well you just got to love beachy waves! I just can’t wait to give these summer hairstyle ideas a shot! What about you?

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