8 Best Hollywood Inspired Haircuts for Men ...

Celebrity haircuts for men and super trendy hairstyles for men we’re going to discus today are definitely worth sharing with special men in your life. And whether we’re talking dads, husbands, boyfriends, brothers or best friends, I’m sure you’ll find more than a few styles to share and suggest next time your special guy decides on a major or minor style change! Except from looking super cool on various celebs, these styles will also help deal with a few problems even men face such as fine or unruly hair or grays so check them out, decide on your favorite celebrity haircut for men and pass it on:

1. Youthful and Short as Seen on George Clooney

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Seeing grandpa George actually looking his age was kind of a shocker, to be honest - thank God his hair stylist had been thinking the same! Longer cut and a side part might have been a good idea back when his hair had been more pepper than salt but, unlike some other celebs, Mr. Clooney definitely knows when it’s a good time to shake things up a bit! And his new, much shorter yet equally classy hairstyle is one of the most perfect celebrity hair cuts for men to talk your hubby into getting in case he has been developing a habit of counting his grays every morning or is even seriously contemplating a dye job! Short cropped sides and back will help focus the attention on a slightly longer (and usually less gray) top, yielding the same, amazing, red carpet-worthy results!

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