7 Great Protective Styles for Short Hair ...


7 Great Protective Styles for Short Hair ...
7 Great Protective Styles for Short Hair ...

Styles for short hair, especially protective ones are kind of hard to come by yet hard doesn’t mean impossible which still leaves plenty of cool options and chic protective hairstyles to go for in order to continue looking like a million bucks day in-day out! Some may consider it impossible but you lovelies know better and the ladies that made these following fantastic videos aren’t only positively certain a good protective hairstyle is an absolute can-do but more than happy to help you reach the same conclusion! Check them out right now and do let me know what you think:

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Twisted and Elegant Protective Hairstyle

First on my list of wonderful styles for short hair is this fantastic kind of a twisted up-do which you should definitely try yourself in case you’ve perfected those twists and find them great for your short to medium curls. I like this style because it’s elegant and sassy but based on a real protective style as well thus enabling you to look amazing without having to sacrifice the health of your hair in the process.


Classy Retro Inspired Hairstyle for Short Hair

Elegant, classy and oh-so-office-friendly, this amazing look is perfect in case you’ve got an old twist out or braid out on your hands, some seriously sensitive ends you need to find a way to keep tucked in and protected and a wish to really rock the super-feminine look! Give it a go, I know you’ll love it!


Quick up do for Short Hair

Okay, so before you start wondering why did I let a regular up do sneak into a post on protective hairstyles let me just say that I’ve stumbled on it by accident and simply had to share ASAP! And I’m sure all of you short-haired lovelies would agree that a cool, effortless hairstyle such as this one is worth checking out! Back to business, now, and you should definitely keep on clicking the “next” button too, as there are a few more awesome protective styles that require your immediate attention!


5 Ways to Wear Your Short Twists

Don’t give up your short to medium twists just yet as there are tons of fantastic ways to play up this popular, easy to do protective hairstyle! Check out this super-gorgeous natural beauty’s video to see how it’s done, have fun experimenting and don’t worry – you can achieve a fantastic style for short hair even if your twists are a bit shorter than hers!


Cool Flat Twist up do

Here’s another on-so-chic flat twist protective hairstyle you can dress up in a number of ways! Isn’t it awesome? And guess what – you still don’t have to write it off in case your hair isn’t as long! On the contrary- add a few more sections and you’ll have a perfect style for short hair!


Big Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair

Did you know you can actually fake a big “I have a ton of hair” bun and get all the benefits of a protective hairstyle all in one? Yup, it’s all truth and nothing but the truth so check out the video above to learn how to do it! It’s super simple, I promise you, and you’re definitely going to like it!


Four Chic Protective Styles for Short Hair

Want a few more interesting hairstyles to add to your daily routine? How about four - every single one better than the next, all super chic and perfect for keeping those fragile ends tucked in!? Get set and get styling, girlies, because the lack of ideas is now officially off your list of excuses for not having a perfect hairstyle!

What are your favorite styles for short hair and which one of these protective hairstyles are you dying to try out?

Top Image Source: madamenoire.com

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why do all these videos have African American women in them??

These are some really great tips!!!

All i have to say is THANK YOU! One of the main reasons I come to this site is because you girls cover ALL your bases. every skin type, hair texture and skin tone. I love it. LOVE IT

@Annie generally protective hairstyles are for African American women who are trying to grow their hair out without having to wear hair out in an Afro!

the same reason the other videos only had white women. its what works best for them

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