8 Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls ...


8 Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls ...
8 Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls ...

Hairstyles for teenage girls we’re going to discuss and watch tutorials for today are really fun, cute, romantic, stylish and definitely something to look forward to every morning! Some of them are actually great hairstyles for school, others are ideal for parties, hanging out with friends and fit the description of a popular teen hairstyle to the letter and there’s even a tutorial for younger girls who, as I’m sure you’ll agree, also need to look gorgeous on daily basis! So, my little and not-so-little misses, here are those vids I’ve promised and I hope you’ll enjoy watching them:

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Four Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Having long hair doesn’t mean you’ll have to choose between a ponytail and…well, a ponytail! In fact, braids actually are one of the best hairstyles for teenage girls with long hair because they a)look super cute, b)are very trendy c)allow you to keep your long tresses away from your face. Sounds like something you’re willing to try? Well, check out this fantastic tutorial on four basic braided hairstyles to help you keep your long locks stylishly contained!


Messy Bun & Braids for Medium Hair

But stylish braids aren’t the luxury only long-haired girls get to enjoy and this video tutorial right here will definitely give you some ideas on how to make them work with your medium-length, maybe even layered locks. It’s one of those super interesting hairstyles for school I’d definitely advise you to consider rocking before summer break as it will keep your hair looking sweet and neat even on the hottest of days.


Three Cute Back to School Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

I know it’s way too early for back-to-school talk but, when it comes to hairstyles and especially pro ones, I’m sure you’ll agree sooner is always better! And this skilled celebrity stylist right here really does have some interesting looks to share! Not one or two but three of them, all of which you can recreate very easily and wear right now! Enjoy!


Scene Hair Tutorial

Scene hair happens to be a very popular hairstyle for teenage girls (and boys) nowadays and, okay, I’m not sure you can actually wear it for school but then again, if you lay off colorful clip ins, too much makeup and tease less, you might even be able to wear it as a school look. Check it out even if you know your parents and teachers won’t approve because it’s still a cool after-school look.


Wavy Scene Hair

Speaking about scene hair, if you’re a fan and maybe even a bit bored with the standard straight+teased look, you’ll definitely want to check out this tutorial! I personally love scene hair although I would never wear it myself (too old for that, I guess) and this wavy, kind of girly version of it looks absolutely adorable to me both with or without the bandana. And, again, I have to point out that this might not be one of the best hairstyles for school (LOL, told you I was too old) but it’s a nice party/day look for any girl into scene hair and makeup.


Double Braided Side Pony

Next on my list of awesome hairstyles for teenage girls is this romantic, really fancy looking side pony you’ll want to rock when you need to look super presentable! Great for going to the movies, first date or even school days (especially if that special someone goes to the same school as you). Ah, well, I guess you’ll have no problem finding a perfect occasion to wear it for so check out this vid right now and enjoy!


Cute Bow Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Well, I definitely agree with this girl – you should wear your gorgeous locks out! And since I’ve already done posts on interesting braids, up-dos and styles that act as protective styles but look kind of new and interesting, it’s only fair I posted a few vids to help you get a few ideas on how to style and accessorize your hair once it’s unbraided, unbound and oh-so-free to play around with! And this super-cute hairstyle for teenage girls right here is super easy to do and will definitely score you some major style points both in and out of school.


Heart Shaped Ponytails

Last on my list of cute hairstyles for teenage girls is a video moms and younger teens would appreciate more than high-school or, at least, almost high-school kids. I absolutely love it and you have to admit it is indeed super, super cute! It’s also quite easy to do which is great in case you don’t have a lot of time in the morning but you really want to make sure your little princess is sent off to school looking absolutely adorable.

Aren’t these hairstyles for teenage girls great? Some of these really make me wish I was a bit younger! Is there a popular teen hairstyle I’ve somehow missed to mention? Do let me know – keeping up with grownups and trying to keep track of what’s hot often proves to be a really tough job.

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I've been trying to get the fishtail bread for months now, after I watched your video I got it on the first try! It looks perfect. Thanks for the tutorial!

I Absolutely love your blog! Can you write an article for hairstyles for red heads? :D

Thank you so much for that video! it helped me so much! you are amazing :D

i want to do the scene hair but i have really long hair. will i need to get a hair cut and what style of hair cut?

These hairstyles r great for my hair!

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