7 Cute up Dos for Shoulder Length Hair ...


7 Cute up Dos for Shoulder Length Hair ...
7 Cute up Dos for Shoulder Length Hair ...

Up dos for shoulder length hair can be sexy, glamorous, chic and elaborate just as much as the ones ideal for long hair! I know it sometimes seems that having shorter hair means you’re stuck with a boring hairstyle and must dismiss every cute hairstyle idea you come across but, believe me, that couldn’t be further away from the truth! And here are a few amazing tutorials on hairstyles for medium length hair to prove it:

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Glam Braided up do for Shoulder Length Hair

First on my list of amazing up dos for shoulder length hair is, as the video title clearly states, a celebrity inspired look! And, oh, don’t we love celebrity hairstyles? Sure we do! And this one, for a change, will be much easier to do in case your hair is of medium length as there won’t be as much rolling and pinning to do. Check it out because, given how popular braided styles are, you’re definitely going to need it pretty soon!


Vintage Inspired Romantic up do

This romantic, feminine, totally cute hairstyle idea is a must-see and a must-do! Copy-paste the flower for an adorable day-time look, add a glitzy piece in case you have a special event to attend and need a perfect hairstyle or go for an eye-catching feathered piece to ensure maximum attention! Take a look at it yourself – once you see how well explained and easy to do this hairstyle for medium length hair is, you’ll feel super happy for not deciding to grow it longer or cut it shorter!


To create this enchanting 'do, start by curling your locks to give them a soft wave, which adds texture and body. A loose braid or twist at the crown can act as an anchor for your chosen embellishments. Tucking in fresh flowers or delicate pearl pins among the twists adds a touch of whimsy. Remember, this style thrives on gentleness and elegance, so keep it loose and ethereal. Perfect for bridesmaids or just a sunny picnic, it's versatile enough for any occasion where grace and charm are on the menu.


Curly Half up do

Next up do for shoulder length hair is made by the same, super-talented vlogger and will definitely help explain how to achieve perfect, bouncy curls and look extra special even if you don’t like putting all your hair up! Pay close attention, give this look a test drive before the big event and don’t forget to enjoy your fabulous heatless, hair-friendly curls.


Taylor Swift Inspired Curly up do

You don’t have to have mile long tresses to be able to get one of Taylor Swift’s amazing, red carpet looks down to a T! In fact, I think this one should go under the category of up dos for shoulder length hair as recreating it will prove to be a lot less difficult if you don’t have all that extra length that needs to be pinned down or tucked in!


This Taylor Swift inspired up do is perfect for those with shoulder length hair. It's easy to recreate and can be tailored to fit any face shape. To achieve this look, start by curling your hair with a curling iron. Once your curls are in place, gather your hair at the back of your head and secure it with an elastic. Take a few pieces of hair from the front and wrap them around the elastic to hide it. Finally, use bobby pins to secure the ends of the curls and you're done! This look is perfect for any special occasion and is sure to turn heads.


Formal up do for Natural Hair

Next on my list of hairstyles for medium length hair is this fantastic, sort of a curly side bun ideal for naturally very curly hair! Play it up by adding a lovely accessory or wear as shown but definitely keep it in mind in case you have a special event of some kind coming up. Enjoy!


Adele Inspired up do

If you love Adele and have often caught yourself thinking about emulating one of her hairstyles, you’ll definitely love this next hairstyle for medium length hair! Yup, another celebrity inspired up do is waiting for you to grab it, wear it and enjoy it!


Adele's trademark vintage-glam style is all about the volume and refined elegance. Think 60s bouffants - modernized. To get this look, tease the roots to get that enviable lift and sweep your locks into a low chignon, leaving a few face-framing tendrils loose for a softer effect. Don't shy away from a bit of hairspray to ensure your hairstyle holds through the day—or night! Whether you're hitting the town or just feeling fancy at home, this updo is sure to make you feel like a chart-topping diva.


7 Days of Fabulous Hair

Last on my list of hairstyles and up dos for shoulder length hair is a truly unique video tutorial for 7 amazing styles you can wear throughout the week! And, you know how multi-hairstyle tutorials usually contain at least one “duh” style? Well, this one has none and yes, they are all worth checking out!

Which of these up dos for shoulder length hair do you like the most and is there another cute hairstyle idea you might want to put out there?

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Hi Jelena! I was wondering, I have really long hair ( down to my butt haha) and I can never find any cute buns or up dos that work with my hair! ( it's also completely naturally straight) HELP! (:

Thank you so much for this video! I decided to cut my hair from the middle of my back up to my shoulders, and I love it! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, but it is very frustrating sometimes trying to find up-do's for it because most are for long hair! But these styles are perfect for my hair, and they look super easy too! I'll definitely be bookmarking this article! Thanks again! :)

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